Do you know how much you need to retire comfortably?

Here’s a scary fact… Most people in SA won’t be able to maintain their lifestyle when they’re retired.


Are you one of them?

The first step is to know how much money you need to save in order to afford life after retirement. There are 2 simple calculations to work out a close estimation of how much you need by the time you retire.
First we need to calculate the effect of inflation…

The Rule of 10’s

This is used to determine the future value of money. For every 10 years in the future you will need double the income to keep your current standard of living.
e.g. You want to retire with R20,000 per month in 30 years.
In 10 years you will need R40,000 per month (R20,000×2)
In 20 years you will need R80,000 per month (R40,000×2)
In 30 years you will need R160,000 per month (R80,000×2)
Then we need to work out how much capital you would need in order to have a retirement income of R160,000 a month…

The Rule of 300

To determine the amount of capital you would require, multiply the income you want during retirement by 300.
So multiply R160,000 by 300 = R48 million in capital
That’s a lot of money!
But don’t give up – we’ve developed a proven methodology that can help people afford to retire in just 10 years!

Take the first strategic step towards your financial goals!


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