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Minimise Your Risk

Step two to Retire Happy is to minimise your risk. You need to make sure that whatever happens to you, you and your family will still be able to continue in the same manner as you are accustomed to. 

This incorporates all the different risks you will face throughout your life. Death, Disability, Severe illness, Medical aid, Medical Gap cover, Short-term insurance, your Will etc.

The focus when planning to minimise your risk is not to try and beat the cover you currently have but to start the process by looking at what you need first, and covering only what you need. Nothing more. No bells, no whistles. Always remember, any money you spend on risk cover is what we call “What if? Money” It is money you are paying to a third party, so in the event that something goes wrong you are financially looked after. It never builds up an asset, (no matter what the marketing and sales guys would like you to believe).

Our wealth strategists will work with you to create a risk management plan tailored to your specific needs making sure you don’t spend a cent more than you absolutely need to.

You cannot afford not to go through this exercise with our qualified wealth strategists, chances are you are currently wasting thousands of rands a year on risk cover that is incorrectly structured or not even needed.

Click here to set up a free no-obligation introduction meeting with one of our Wealth strategists and start sleeping more soundly at night.